Political Ideology

Disclaimer:  I believe in the full power of the 1st Amendment.  In no way shape or form do I believe that I am right about everything, and knowing that most basic flaw is why I push my students and everyone else to challenge everything I say and believe, as well as be willing to be challenged.  All I ask is that you do so inquisitively, factually, and peacefully.  As I always tell them, if you are so passionate and knowledgeable about what you believe in, then you should be able to calmly and intelligently express what you know and why.   Start discussions, not destructions.

      1. I am a Christian, as is the Constitutional foundation of the great state of Indiana.  I am a firm believer that those seeking office should be upfront about what drives their conscience and wallet.  In no way am I saying that you must be Christian to serve, vote, or anything else…..but I am saying that we all have something that drives us and our morality, and no one should be afraid of or deterred from expressing it.  Through research and experience, it is my personal belief that the farther we drift from the Almighty God that is directly referenced in the first three parts of our Constitution, the more we see politicians being motivated and manipulated by campaign contributions and selfish desires/actions.
      2. I am a Constitutional conservative who believes in a limited government that serves to uphold our liberty and provide basic governmental functions.  We are a free people that have been blessed with unlimited potential for success, and that success is entirely up to the personal determination within us, instead of a government that picks economic winners and losers through what President Eisenhower called, “creeping socialism.”  The easiest way to figure out if a government function is necessary is to see if it is something that every last person in the state will benefit from and that we as citizens need it to maintain the functions of society.  If it benefits a select group of people or provides something we are capable of handling ourselves, it is not a necessary function of government.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves—in their separate, and individual capacities.”
      3. I will never vote for a tax, fee, or any other increase to taxpayers.  Instead, I will work to root out the waste in our proposed 44.6 billion dollar budget for FY 2024/2025.  I will also not be afraid to take on the welfare state that has created generations of government dependents and areas of perpetual crime and poverty.  There is a massive difference between a hand-up and a hand-out, and we must not be afraid of being attacked by the endless list of ‘ists and ‘isms when someone dares to take on the system.  It is no secret that the best economies have always been those where you find low taxes, controlled spending, individual liberty, and an educated workforce with options for training in blue and white collar jobs.
      4. I am not for artificial minimums, which includes the minimum wage.  Considering less than 1% of all workers make minimum wage, and of those the plurality are young, we do not need to further exacerbate inflation and the overall cost of living just to appease a select few (references below).  On the same note, I fully support everyone’s rights to individual liberty, but I will never lie and say a man is a woman, nor say it’s okay for a man to compete against or steal opportunities from a woman.  Both of the aforementioned topics also go perfectly with why I am against the social warfare and destruction that is created by these ideologies and practices like DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion).  I will not tolerate either and will fight to defund any school, university, or other government funded entity pushing anything like it on students or employees.
      5. If you have made it this far, it won’t be a surprise to you that I am also unapologetically pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment.  Technically, I am for all the Amendments and will forever protect them.  Personally, my favorite Amendments are the 9th and 10th because they show the brilliance of our founders to recognize that We the People have far more rights and powers than is possible to list, and that they are given to us unless it’s an expressly written power of the government.