Term-limits and other limits

I firmly believe in term limits, whether imposed by the voters or the politicians themselves.  If you have been in office for eight years and haven’t earned a higher office nod from the voters, then it is time for you to step aside and let someone else in.  Our Founding Fathers did not stay in any one office for more than eight years, and neither should we.  If I serve the 69th District well and earn the respect of the voters enough to get re-elected, I will serve no more than eight years and then either move up or move over.  If I don’t make it that far, I will rest easy knowing that I gave it my all and did what I felt was right for my community, state, and country.

I promise to all of my constituents that if I break the law I’m supposed to be upholding, I will resign and never run for office again.  Those who are seeking to and currently are holding office need to be held accountable for their actions.  I am not saying that officials are to be without flaw or fault, but they shouldn’t be above the law or trusted with it after a serious offense.